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Health Supply Shopping List Ahead of Cold and Flu Season

Health Supply Shopping List Ahead of Cold and Flu Season

| September 28, 2023

Get ahead of cold and flu season by building up your medicine cabinet and emergency first-aid kit now. Here are some store-bought and natural home remedy ingredients to keep in mind.

Head to your local drug store, and look for these staple cold-and-flu-fighting pain reducers, gadgets, and remedies:

Over the counter



Ibuprofen or Motrin

An antihistamine, such as Sudafed

Hand sanitizer


Face masks

Cough drops and throat lozenges

Lip balm

Cold/heat pack

Food and drink

Sometimes the best comforts while you’re sick are good foods and drinks to nourish your body. Keep these items handy in your cabinet all season long:

Chicken noodle soup

Tea (peppermint, ginger, and green teas are the best to soothe colds)





Ginger ale

Sports drinks with electrolytes

Relaxation support

While you rest to get better, these are items that can help you relax comfortably from your bed or couch:

Neck pillow

A weighted or heated blanket

A prop up pillow with arms

Bed food tray

Fuzzy socks

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