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How to Stay Healthy While on Vacation

How to Stay Healthy While on Vacation

| June 27, 2023

You’ve been really great about eating healthy foods and keeping up your fitness routine, but now it’s time for vacation. The good news is that it’s easy to enjoy yourself without totally abandoning your health and fitness goals.

Exercise unconventionally.

If you’re a naturally early riser and running helps you relax, head to the beach for a few miles with a beautiful morning view. You can also find other ways to exercise during the day while you’re on vacation, such as walking or biking through town, sightseeing, hiking, water-skiing, or hitting the pool or ocean. There are endless ways to stay active without it feeling like work!

Indulge a little.

On vacation, you’re probably surrounded by more tempting foods than you are when you’re at home. Enjoy your favorites, but don’t go overboard. Stop by a gelato stand, or have a cheeseburger at dinner if that’s what you’re craving. Healthy living is about balance, and if you treat yourself occasionally you’ll relax more while also reveling in your self-control.

Hit the grocery store when you arrive.

If you’re staying in a rental home or apartment, head to the grocery store to stock the fridge once you arrive at your vacation spot. We tend to eat healthier when we’re cooking for ourselves, so make plans to cook at least some of your meals on your trip. Stock the kitchen with healthy snacks like trail mix, chopped fruits and vegetables, and yogurt that you can reach for when you have a midday craving.

Drink in moderation.

If you’re trying to stick to a healthy routine and maintain your fitness goals, be mindful of how much alcohol you’re consuming. Opt for a casual glass of wine on the beach rather than countless margaritas during an endless happy hour. If you want one or two nights out, feel free to treat yourself and just keep the drinking to a minimum during the rest of your vacation.

Rest up.

We often forget that rest and recovery are important parts of maintaining health. Use this time to actually get that full eight hours (or more) of sleep, which is incredibly important for just about every aspect of health. Also take this time to relax in ways other than sleeping, such as treating yourself to a massage or spending a few minutes in meditation after you wake up.

Stay engaged in the moment.

Overeating is often a result of boredom. To curb this temptation, plan exciting activities throughout your vacation—get out there and see what the town you’re staying in has to offer. If you’re busy having an adventure, you won’t have time to mindlessly snack when you’re
not even hungry.

You should be able to relax on vacation without worrying that you’re ruining your health and fitness progress. Before you vow to order salad for every meal and drag yourself to the hotel gym every day, remember that there are countless ways to stay healthy on vacation in a balanced manner.


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